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Adam Biro
Adam Biro

Software Developer



Full Stack Developer

Photo Enthusiast

Web Developer

Latest Posts
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Hard Skills & Soft Skills
Web Application Development

I am Adam Biro and as an IT professional, I have almost fifteen years of experience. During this time, I've worked on several projects both on the back-end and the front-end. I have experience in freelancing but worked for big enterprises too. I've added my technical knowledge to small and big projects, while I've participated in the teamwork and shared my personality traits with the team.


I am an introverted hard worker. Ready to improve myself all the time. I share and stand up for my values and viewpoint in every situation. But I am flexible and capable to accept better solutions or approaches if someone else can recommend a better way. I am a dedicated, focused, detail-oriented who prioritizes the goals of a project. I choose quality over deadline because of the Clean Code Software Development Approach.


During my high-school years, my elective subject was videography. I created short films video clips with a camcorder. This era was the VHS camcorders world. I learned how to use a camera, lighting, and editing in the post-process phase of recording. Both with analog and digital editing tools. After getting the GCS degree and studying photography in an academy, I worked as a cameraman for TV studios after school. Videography was the main reason why I started learning photography. Although It would be great to shoot short films, my focus is on photography and programming at the moment.


I used to work for more than two years as a professional photographer. Although my focus has switched to programming and web development, Photography will always be an essential asset of my skills. Nowadays, it is my hobby, but it helps me turn off and refresh. I prefer taking photos for artistic purposes. I love the process of searching for locations on the map. The trip when I drive to that location and strolling there and looking for an eye-catching landscape, view, or shadow. I like not just taking photos but editing them also in the post-process to turn into a work of art in front of the computer. I do it for myself because It makes me happy. If my photos have some value for others, it is a reinforcement for me to continue taking pictures. I hope I will have more time to take photos in the future and be able to make them some fame.

About Me

Hello! I’m Adam Biro and I am a Software Developer with an artistic root. I like learning and improving myself in every way – one of the most important things for me to become the best version of myself. This kind of self-development is a crucial element of my well-being.


This self-evolving journey started in my childhood, and the first step of it was Videography as an elective subject in secondary school. After GCSE, I started learning Photography, and I got my degree in 2002. Thanks to my Multimedia-developer degree that I received in 2005, I started programming games, web, and mobile applications using my own photographs and motion pictures as content or visual decoration. Later I improved my studies in the Information Technology field at the university where I could deepen my programming skills.


I have been working as a developer for almost fifteen years. My main focus is on Web Application Development, Programming. Outside this field, I am always ready to go and take photographs and shoot videos about events, anniversaries, or anything else.


Quote to Accept Difficulties Of Life:
Every no brings you closer to a yes.
Quote to Face Reality:
You have to learn to smile through your pain. Sometimes it's all we got.
Quote To Push Through The Pain
I am sad so I smile! That's my life.
My Skills
  • Laravel - 6.5 years
  • YII2 - 2 years
  • Symonfy - 1.5 years
  • PHP / MYSQL - 7 years
  • Angular 9,10 - 1 year
  • AngularJS - 3 years
  • Vue JS 2,3 - 3.5 years
  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript
  • Bootstrap Framework - 4 years
  • OOP
  • Design Patterns
  • GIT, SVN
  • Linux commandline
  • Continues Integration
  • Python
  • Some AWS usage
  • Photography
  • Photoshop
  • English
  • Hungarian
2021 - 31.12.2023
Full Stack Developer
Portwest - Westport, Ireland

Portwest is firmly established as a leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality Workwear, Footwear, and PPE. My main task are to implement new Microservice based extensions for the current webshop. I use Laravel, PHP7.4, 8.0, GIT, BitBucket, Teamworks API. JavaScript, VueJS3, InertiaJS. Configure AWS development environment for the colleagues. Sometimes I lead the daily stand-ups when the manager of the team is absent.

2021 - 07.2021
Software Developer (Angular)
Sigma Technology Hungary - Hungary Budapest (remote)

Sigma Technology is a Scandinavian global supplier of software development with several locations worldwide. One of its main partners is Ericsson. During this time at the company, I worked on debugging and implementing new functionalities and features of Ericsson’s TEFIR project in Angular. Angular 8.0, EDS toolkit, Less, GIT, Gerrit, Jenkins, JIRA, Confluence, Kanban. Managed the Daily Stand-ups when the team was lack of a scrum-master. Initiated and started refactoring the project Git flow.

PHP Developer
Outbrain Enterprises Ltd - Dublin, Ireland

Outbrain Enterprises Ltd is a subsidiary of the Online Forex Broker FBS. I worked on the FBS CRM and CMS system using PHP 7.2, YII2 Framework, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Docker, Redis, GitLab, Bitbucket, Jira, Confluence with a GitLab integrated deploy system. My main duties included database query optimization in the YII2 and PostgreSQL level. To set indexes in the database layer. Debugging and implementing new features into the CRM system.

2017 - 2019
Web Developer
Self-Employed - Hungary

During this period I worked for different companies. I participated in the development of an HTML5 Game based on the YII2 Framework on the Back-End and I used native JavaScript and jQuery and CSS pre-processor on the Front-End side. I implemented new features into a system for lawyers. It based on Symfony 2.8 and AngularJS and MongoDB.

2014 - 2017
Senior Developer
Net Affinity LTD - Dublin, Ireland

In the first half-year, I worked on a Perl based Booking Engine (BKE). It used Perl with Mason framework and PostgreSQL. It provided a booking interface for guests in the CMS based sites for hotels. In 06.2014 I joined the development of the new Eco-System project which is hosted in AWS. The goal of the project to rewrite the old systems as BKE, CMS, etc. I used Laravel and MySQL for the backend and AngularJS for the frontend with Bitbucket (Git) and JIRA. I worked on the backend and the frontend as well. My tasks were writing models, controllers, API tests, and planning the optimal core functionalities for the frontend. Write widget functionalities.

2010 - 2013
Web Developer
Ringier Publishing Company - Budapest, Hungary

Developing different requirements by papers brand. I received the design elements in Photoshop then I created the Front-End and the Back-End codes as well. I used HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ajax, JavaScript for Front-End, and PHP OOP, MySQL for Back-End. I was developing new CMS modules for NETRIX CMS, because the editors of these brands used this CMS to create new content for their on-line surface. Ringier has been using this CMS for years in Hungary.

2009- 2010
PHP Developer
Carussel Group - Budapest, Hungary

As a Back-End Developer, I used PHP-based Carussel Framework (MVC) that was an earlier development. I used it with PostgreSQL. I took part in the development process of the Opel Trade Customer (OTC) financial system and the Chevrolet Trade Club. I implemented a new backward calculation with other team members for dealers. The calculations were prescribed by General Motors. I created modules for dealers to generate their reports. I wrote new modules for Opel CMS. This Content Management System used to be used by more than fifteen countries eg. Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, etc. I gained some experience with YII Framework as well because Figyelo CRM is based on it. Debugging and bug fixing was among my duties.

2007 - 2009
Web Developer
Webmark-Europe - Szombathely, Hungary

Building different kinds of web-pages from the Front-End to the Back-End. The Back-End language was Perl with MySQL. Created new databases, developing Perl methods. Developing new modules for Webmark’s own CMS (ITWORX). Created the needed HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash Front-End codes, and the back-end ones.

University Of Pannonia - Information Technology Engineer (2006-2007)
AKG - Multimedia- Developer (2003-2005)
Vocational School and College - Photographer (2000-2002)
Recent Works